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Welcome to the website of St. Mary’s Church

of the Diocese of Memphis.

I trust you will find the information you are seeking and enjoy the other contents.
St. Mary’s has programs and activities for all ages of both English and Spanish-speaking.

The parish has three priests, four deacons and an outstanding lay staff. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia’s, Nashville have served St. Mary’s School for over 130 years.

Our parishioners are quite involved,

including a twinning with a Moron, Haiti parish.

We have fine facilities, play-fields and lovely grounds. We are blessed to have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in the Divine Will and Mercy Chapel. Our two schools of St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart of Jesus High School are highly regarded in the Jackson community. We encourage tithing and the use of Automatic Clearing House (ACH).
Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you will return for continuing articles of our Faith.


Mass Schedule
Monday 7:00am 5:30pm
Tuesday 7:00am 6:30pm
Wednesday   12:00pm
Thursday 7:00am  
Friday 8:10am 12:00pm
Saturday 8:00am 5:30pm Vigil
Sunday 8:00am 10:30am
Sunday Spanish   1:00pm

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    RCIA Process
    The Catholic Church always welcomes new members into its community....


    Parish Religious Education

    EM to the sick - part 1, part 2



    CYO group


    Bring our teens into full life with Christ and His Church with devotion to Mary, as well as planting seeds of discipleship to grow great Christian leaders through community service.


    *If you have any questions about the CYO group, please contact our Youth Director

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